How to become a member

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Czech-Korean Society is a civic organization which aims at developing and supporting reciprocal contacts between Czech and Korean citizens and organizations, and help to improve mutual understanding in both regions in all areas of social life and in particular to deepen awareness about Korea in the Czech Republic.

Application forms can be downloaded either as a PDF or a DOC file, or they can be requested by phone from any member of the board or at

Membership fees are 200,- CZK annually; for students and seniors 100,- CZK. Fees can be paid either directly to the secretary Katarina Vinsova (, handed  over (together with filled out application) during any Society event, or sent to Society’s bank account 2500539335 / 2010 (type your name into the “message for the receiver).

From the Society’s statute

1. Natural persons and corporations that respect the aims and statute of the Society, adhere to the statute, fulfill the obligations of members and comply with the binding decisions of the Society’s bodies can become members. Only natural persons and corporations with permanent residency or domiciled in the Czech Republic can become regular members. Other natural persons and corporations can become extraordinary members with advisory opinion. Extraordinary members cannot become members of the board, unless the general meeting does decide on their regular membership. Corporations (or collective memberships) are represented by delegated individuals. Honorary membership, i.e. membership in the honorary committee, can be awarded by the general meeting of the Society to natural persons or corporations that have remarkable merit in developing the Society or Czech-Korean relations. Society maintains the membership database according to the effective regulation.

2. Regular or extraordinary membership arises from endorsement of a written application by the board. Collective membership arises from the contract of admittance between a corporation and the Society. The conctract of admittance specifies particularly the number of votes of the collective membership, the form of delegation and the means of participation of the collective member on the management and activities of the Society. Members of the honorary board are proposed by the board and elected by the general meeting.

3. Membership in the Society ends by:

a) a written resignation by a member;

b) decision of general meeting because of failing to fulfill member’s obligation or not adhering to the Statute and damaging the interests of the Society;

c) automatically in the case of severe failings to fulfill member’s obligations; particularly not paying membership fees for more than two years;

d) death of a member or dissolution of a corporation;

e) cancelling of the contract of admittance between the Society and a collective member;

f) dissolution of the Society.